MantisX Basic Marksman Patch

Regular price R 45.00

MantisX Basic Marksman Patch.This high quality silicone rubber patch identify you as one of a elite group of shooters that has susessfully completed the MantisX Basic Marksman Course. 

Add the patch to your jacker,  shirt or cap

The patch measures approx 65mmX75mm

*in order to be intitelded to purchase this item you are required to complete the MantisX Basic Marksman course build in to your Mantisx application.Since you require the Mantisx system to complete the course we are willing to send you the patch in advance provided you send send as proof you have completed the course a.s.a.p.i

f you already own a Mantisx system just send us a email with your username register on the Matisx app after ordering your patch.