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MantisX Blackbeard Training Bolt AR 15

MantisX Blackbeard Training Bolt for AR 15 resets you trigger after every shot making it possible to effectively dry fire your AR 15 platform With MantisX Blackbeard Training Bolt you don't have to reset your AR 15 between dry fire training shots with a added laser to assist you in training. The MantisX Blackbeard Training Bolt will reset your trigger after every shot. User your own AR your own trigger no need to modify the AR platform, simply replace the bolt and carrier with the MantisX Blackbeard Training Bolt and slip the battery in to the magazine well and you good to go. Watch the Video below    

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NEW Adavance training program . Free

Something new to keep you busy in quarantine! Update to the latest version of the app and get to work. Note: there are some pre-requisites you’ll discover. And a surprise reward at the end. #dowork #mantisx

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Mantis X 10 Review

Read all about the Mantis X 10 in this months On Target Africa Magazine On Target Africa Mantis 15 October at 17:30 · “I don’t say ‘game changer’ lightly...this is the most revolutionary shooting training aid I’ve seen in, well, the history of ever.” “We have lots of technology in our lives that’s ‘cool’, but a much smaller percentage is genuinely useful. This is one of those examples. I liked the system before for its visibility into trigger press but adding other motor skills like draw and recoil management is a big, big deal. I have no excuse not to get significantly better.” @outdoor_hub reviews the X10. Oh, and there is a lot more to come. Big updates coming in...

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